Imagine having long, healthy, natural hair without chemical straightening. Many black women believe this is just a dream…

It saddens me how many black women literally hate the natural texture of their hair. Don’t get me wrong, I have no negative judgment against any woman of any race wearing her hair however she so desires. On my personal hair journey I have styled my hair in many ways: relaxed, press and curl, afro, braids, twists, etc. Still, when I see that hair weaves have become not the exception, but the norm for a majority of black women – especially the younger women – it does cause me a degree of pain. With few exceptions, I truly believe that regardless of texture, one’s hair is most healthy and most beautiful when styled in its natural state. Years of chemical alteration will, sooner or later, cause significant hair damage. Having personally experienced chemical hair damage, I decided to discover a method of grooming my natural hair that was versatile, stylish and attractive. This journey ultimate led me to Sisterlocks. But, it certainly did not begin there.

My goal for my Sisterlocks Website is to share with you some of the wisdom that I have gained along the way. It includes the most frequently asked questions I’ve received from others, some pictures of my hair in its various stages, recommendations for hair products, styling tips and more. I hope that the site will eventually become a fun place for you to visit, gain and share knowledge. If you enjoy the website, please visit often and tell your friends. Make sure to check out the product advertisements and product recommendations. And, if you like the product recommendations, it would be great if you would purchase them through my web store occasionally :-) — it will help me keep the website going.

Wishing you strong, healthy and beautiful natural hair,